Dear friends, family, customers, and community,

After much consideration, I have made the decision to leave 4 Suyos.

The last two-and-a-half years (one and a half of intense research, planning, and funding and one of operating) have been amazing! I’ve met incredible people who have not only been customers but some of whom have become close, personal friends; learned the intense, beautiful, and delicate art of running a restaurant; studied the ins and outs of a stunning culture and its food; learned how to cook, bake, sauté, slice, dice, and present; and have had the opportunity to live in, work in, and contribute to one of THE BEST neighborhoods in the city.

Thank you friends, family, customers, coworkers, employers, lenders, lawyers, accountants, vendors, art schools, far-away hosts, farmers, neighbors, and community members who’ve made these past few years some of the best of my life. Some of you are owed much more than I could ever repay.

And thank you to Humberto who gave me the courage to take on such a daring, exciting, and life-changing venture. I wish him and his mother Adriana the best of luck with 4 Suyos.

Until next time…

Erin Slucter