We at 4 Suyos are currently in the application phase of the restaurant. APPLYING online was a cinch, knock on wood inspections will be too.

All I did was go here,  clicked on the “Get Started Online” button, and followed the step-by-step instructions.

I needed my Federal Employment Identification Number, which you can apply for here.

I also was asked for my Corporation Number which was assigned to me when I created my corporation at the IL Secretary of State.

I submitted my application, and upon submission, I was asked to submit two documents via fax–proof of sanitation certification and a lease. Once I submitted those, I was emailed and asked for my Illinois Business Tax Number, which I applied for here.

Now, we wait. We wait to get an inspection appointment and wait to see if we pass.

In the meantime…our heater broke. 😦 Oh well, good things and bad things, but more good things!