Finding tables, chairs, fixtures, etc. on craigslist has been a savior. However, we’ve had to put a few miles on the old volkwagen. We found a great deal on table bases (for our concrete table tops) in Elgin. We spent the morning driving out to Elgin. After loading up the car with 11 bases, two highchairs, and a few other charms from a previous restaurant owner, we made a quick stop to Home Depot for spray paint (side note: the Chicago ban on spray paint makes obtaining it in the city a total annoyance). On our way out of the Home Depot parking lot, we heard a loud whistle sound. Of course, it was the back tire.

Thankfully Humberto had just filled up the spare and put it back in the trunk. I have no idea what made him do this, but all I know is that we had a spare. He wins this round!

We had to remove all the bought items to get to the spare, but it was changed and we were on our way back to Chicago with our table bases covered!