Yesterday was a full-on megathon work day. My dad is leaving tomorrow, heading back to Austin via train, per his request, and there is so much to still do.


Breaking up broken tile

We started the day by pulling out all of the cracked tiles–easy, breaking up the cement underneath is turning out to be a different story. To remove the cement underneath the tiles, we used a sawzall with a grout-cutting blade. We can score the cement along the side of the good tiles to keep them safe when the earth-shattering hammer hits the cement.

While the less-than-talented (me) bang up old tile, my dad worked on painting the awning. We called for an estimate to replace the old awning, and we were quoted $900.00, which is way outside our budget. Thanks to my dad and a few friends urging us to salvage the old awning, we decided to try to paint it. It’s a nylon awning, so we used black enamel outdoor paint. Hello $900 in my pocket; it worked!


Dad gets a passerby to chip in

While my dad is pushing sixty, he spared no time getting to know the local ladies and even charming them into pitching in.

There is still so much to do with only 10 hours left with my dad. We need to decide on a wall color to match the odd red, white, and blue tiles we are stuck with.

We started the morning with a few shades of yellow, green, and tan, with only one green remaining, and ended the day with a gold, green, and light blue. The light blue has been ruled out, and it’s now between the gold and green.

The final three

Wall colors

Beto models potential wall colors