I first need to start out by saying that we are making no structural changes to the location. Pulling a permit and working with a licensed contractor in Chicago is too expensive for our meager budget. Thus, I called my extremely handy father in from Austin, TX where he was an organizer for Occupy Austin. (Sorry Occupy Austin, he’s on his way back Friday.)

Instead of building, we’ve opted to clean, sand, and paint. This is hard–the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. Every wall has to be sanded several times, old paint has to be scraped, caulk has become our wall nutrition, and the balls of grease scraped from the fryers and ventilation system–well, I’ll save you the gory details.

Below are a few photos of the restaurant before and during construction. The crazy blue-eyed man is my dad; Humberto is the “feminine” sander; Daniel is hiding around the corner giving a thumbs up; and Courtney, my sister, is apprehensively adding joint compound to the entryway via a makeshift ladder system devised by my dad. Oh, and I’m the blurry one hammering at the wall.

You can see more photos here.

4 Suyos Construction

Humberto sanding the mural

4 Suyos Construction

Erin Hammering Away

4 Suyos Construction

Here's Kevin!

4 Suyos Construction

Daniel Peeking

Courtney Compounding