Hello folks,

My name is Erin. My partner’s name is Humberto. I’m from Michigan, and Humberto is from Lima. That’s how this story begins.

Humberto and I met two years ago in Logan Square. Almost immediately Humberto roped me into his insane plan to start a restaurant. At first I was more than skeptical–I was not interested at all. With the gross  economy, I thought there would be no way a restaurant would work, or for that matter, even get off the ground.

After a few months of sticking a large bug in my ear–think big Chicago centipede–I bought in. We started looking for free classes and/or workshops on how to start your own business. We even went to a few, and while I they weren’t wonderful, I vacuumed up a few information crumbs worthy of the time spent.

After hijacking other business plans, I wrote one–that no one cared to see. While I was researching business plans, I read somewhere that they are our generation’s greatest piece of literature–and I can proudly say it was the most “inventive” thing I’ve ever written.

So after tackling families, friends, working many jobs, and saving (because the banks would have nothing to do with us as first-time business owners without collateral), we scraped a very, very, VERY modest amount of money together, which I will reveal once we’ve opened.

For over a year now, we have stalked several locations, counted cars, stuck our noses to the glass of other restaurants, and ordered appetizers in fancier restaurants just to “borrow” a few ideas. We’ve talked to nice landlords, crazy landlords, landlord lawyers, awful landlord lawyers, and just about any kind of shady, Chicago character you can find!

Just after a huge location disappointment, Humberto noticed a “for rent” sign at 2727 W. Fullerton, right near the corner of Fullerton and California. Needless to say, it was perfect. A hood system was already installed, and the landlord and his son are wonderful!

So, here begins the process of 4 Suyos restaurant, a Peruvian restaurant in Logan Square that will serve locally-sourced, fresh food!